Posted by: erichosemann | January 16, 2010

Down with Capitalism

Sheldon Richman has created a facebook group called Libertarians Against Capitalism.

We do not have a free market in America; shoving Goldman Sachs alumni into the Treasury Department like clowns into a Volkswagen is not a free market policy.

This video features Russ Roberts’ familiar, impassioned “Profits encourage risk taking, losses encourage prudence.” At the end, Russ implores us to try capitalism. I think he should have said “freedom” instead of “capitalism,” because I think Russ’s aims are the same as Sheldon’s: down with cronyism, down with taxpayer financed risk taking, down with “socialism for the rich,” down with the arbitrary selection of winners and losers by government bureaucrats.

P.S. I wanted to embed the Stossel-Roberts-Mossburg interview but I couldn’t figure out how to do it from the instructions on FBN’s page.


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