Posted by: erichosemann | December 3, 2009

You Can’t Fight Prohibition By Drinking

And you can’t fight the war on drugs by tripping on salvia in your garden. (You have to sign in to access this link)

The title of this post is a profound insight taken from Tom Palmer’s talk on his book, Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice. Here’s the video.

Palmer mentioned an important fact I in my supreme ignorance did not know: throughout history, champions of religious tolerance have in most cases been religious people and not atheists or agnostics.

Being free means not only having the freedom to do what one wishes but bearing the consequences of one’s actions as well.  And unfortunately for users of any drug, whether it’s caffeine, alcohol or THC, there are consequences to its use.  This is not a blanket condemnation; this is a statement of fact.  There are consequences to eating donuts, whether one, two or eighteen.  There are consequences to smoking marijuana and salvia too.  Remember, in a world of scarcity—the real world we live in—there are no solutions, just tradeoffs.


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