Posted by: erichosemann | October 25, 2009

Ham Safety

Jeffrey Tucker of the Mises Economics Blog laments the utter lack of succulent Spanish ham in the United States.  We can’t import it–it might hurt us.  Our government actually produces a “guide to ham safety.”

Tucker contrasts the old feudal practice of kings and queens sending explorers out to bring back the best in foods and spices and jewels from other realms and cultures.  Now we are told not to bring back the best things from other cultures.

Our government creates scarcity and inequality for us, under the pretext of consumer safety.  We hunker down and chew our salty Easter and Thanksgiving hocks, while Europeans revel in their own culinary wonderlands.

It’s funny–the free market mind reading machine really wants to know how many people want succulent Spanish ham.  Believe me, it does.  But the government is blocking those signals, perhaps, as Tucker notes, at the behest of a shadowy ham lobby.


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