Posted by: erichosemann | October 17, 2009

Steve Horwitz blogs At NBR

Professor Steve Horwitz, of St Lawrence University and The Austrian Economists blog, is blogging for NBR.

Here’s his first postthe post that hurts the most.

Between Horwitz and Russ Roberts–and Tyler Cowen and others I’m to ill-informed and lazy to mention–the word about markets, freedom and limited government is getting knitted into the public broadcasting firmament.  They may try to pick it out, as one tries to pick a cocklebur out of a wool sweater.  But never fear.

Not that this has never happened before.  Louis Rukeyser was the stalwart of ages past.  As little kid, I mistook him for George Washington.  And I loved the jazzy brass Lalo Schifrin-style chorale of his show’s theme song.  I remember being quite depressed when I couldn’t find any low brass players at conservatory who knew of it.  Enjoy this series of videos of Wall Street Week at the Daily Bail.


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